Living Our Story

Life is lived outdoors during Summer. Time spent in front of a computer is minimal and goes unnoticed. I am extremely thankful to find myself happy in my life's present season. The days are filled with activity so much so we are almost too tired to make it into bed at night. My children seem to grow as quickly as my garden in this sometimes sweltering heat. Their words, their activities and understanding of how this big crazy world fits together amazes me. Together we carry handfuls of tomato, cucumber, sweet peppers, corn and squash from the garden each day. My son reminds me how they all started as small seedlings just like him as my daughter fills her cheeks with the ripe fruit. My heart is full. In front of me I find a narrow pathway along the creek, small fish and polliwogs just below the waters surface. The rocky terrain of a somewhat treacherous bike trail and my husbands silhouette a few yards ahead.  Wet faces adorned with swim goggles and grins popping up from a cool pool. A waterfall so loud we resort to communicating with hand signals while wiping the mist from our sunglasses. A forest of trees more mystifying than any movie on the big screen. This is summer. I imagine myself adrift in these moments forever. I write in my head and rarely ever on paper or in type. There is very plainly more living to be had than there is time to report on it. We are living our story and I rather like this one. So for the moment I am going to step away from the keyboard and enjoy my little ones while they are still little. 
Happy Summer.

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