Toddler Talk

Listening to my children speak makes me happy and quite entertaining. Talking with them, encouraging them to tell stories and "use their words" is simple enough. I thought I would share some of my favorite JQ and Stellita words and phrases while they are still in that baby, toddler talk phase. Soon enough they will be correcting my grammar so I am going to enjoy this little bit of toddler-hood while I can. 

Things Joaquin "The Kid" (as he insists on being called) says at four and a half years old:
huge-mongous = humongous
fixie-dollars = fifty dollars
eleven-teen = eleven
fink = think
hang-gauber = hamburger
busy = dizzy
teef = teeth
auppissal = Octopus
 Both kids say Steh-wah = Stella
Lithia Park, Ashland OR.
I am consistently taken by Stella's use of words. Some things she says at just three years old:
weeto = huevito 
jammaz = pajamas 
foam = phone
fings = things
make-ed = naked
dat = that
 Lithia Park, Ashland OR.

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