Post Partum Baby Bliss!!

Stella is one week old today! She is so sweet and tiny... the reality of this precious gift is still sinking in. We aced our first outing on Saturday to the Farmers Market. Can you believe she slept the entire time! She is a totally different baby than big brother Joaquin. Which makes sense as my pregnancy, labor and delivery where all different with this second baby.
She is sleeping a lot! three or four hours at night which honestly sort of freaked me out at first but my Mom says to enjoy it now( as it may change!) so..... I am. My labor was incredibly short and required less effort than my first. I hate to say it was easy because frankly giving birth just isn't but to save you all the minor details once my water broke Stella was born with two pushes. My water broke at 7:05am and she was born at 7:12am. I woke with moderate contractions at 3 am. We dropped a very asleep Joaquin off at my parents house and headed up the hill to Feather River Hospital by 3:45am. My midwife, whom I like very much had "lectured" me that this labor could go very fast and to be prepared. She even mentioned that I may not have enough time to make the drive to Paradise and suggested that I may have to go directly to Enloe.
Anyway we DID make the 30 minute drive to Paradise safely, arriving around 4am. We got into a room and as soon as the nurse checked me I was 8cm dilated. Everyone sort of started scattering while I walked around the room and leaned over the bed to make myself comfortable. The midwife arrived and the rest is history!!
I am feeling well, trying to balance being a Mom to two has been most challenging. Joaquin smiles and giggles at his little sister and has given her a few kisses on the head. He has also tried giving her a hug which is hard to explain to a 17 month old!!! I have a lot of help and a loving family and husband who have all been priceless in helping and welcoming baby Stella to the family.
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  1. Congrats Tiff! We are so happy for you guys. I cant wait to meet Stella.



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