Clean Living Product Review- Klean Kanteen and Pura Kiki Sippy Cups

When it came time to introduce my son to a sippy cup the number of products were overwhelming but upon  further consideration I realized the actual variety was disappointing at first. I try to live a clean life, a healthy life. So the initial narrowing down of possible bottles or sippy cups I would consider using was easy. First it had to be BPA free which was easy enough to find but I wanted to take it one step further. Why use plastic at all?
So I looked at glass and stainless steal options. Offering glass even in a protective case to my son just wasn't something I was comfortable with,  so that left stainless steal. One day my Mr. brought home a Klean Kanteen for JQ. While I was aware Klean Kanteen offered a sippy cup version of their very popular cup I had two hesitations  1. They were expensive compared to the two pack BPA free plastic version found pretty much everywhere,  and 2. The sippy spout was hard and i had read that the transition from nipple (breast or bottle) to hard sippy spout could be a rocky one. I promptly went out and picked up a BPA free Disney Character version with a soft spout, as back up.
JQ didn't favor the hard spout over the soft one when given the option. However,  this was a quick transition. By 10 months he was using the Klean Kanteen sippy. It has travelled with us extensively and tossed on hard surfaces. The Kanteen has outlasted any plastic cup he was given, doesn't leak and is easier to clean and is by far the most durable.
By the time my daughter was ready for a bottle I knew I wanted one durable, safe and environmentally friendly,  like the Klean Kanteen. I had read about and seen a Pura Bottle,  and so not having a bottle available through Klean Kanteen at the time*, this was my best option. The Pura has proved just as durable as KK with an added bonus of a stainless collar (making 100% plastic free). While both cups go from nipple to sippy easily the Klean Kanteen is compatible with a sport cap or loop cap.
Stella with the Pura & Joaquin with his Klean Kanteen
JQ is still using his Kanteen and he is now three years old.   It is his cup/water bottle and it goes everywhere with us! When the time comes I will get him a twist cap for it and he can take it to school. Mr. and I both have stainless steal water bottles and Stella is now using the Pura with a sippy spout instead of the bottle nipple. Using a cup/ water bottle like this is a simple way to live a greener lifestyle. Why aren't there more products like these on the shelves and how is it there are still items such as the "take and toss" plastic variety at almost every major retailer in the U.S.? Over the next few months I plan to share some very simply ways my family and I have chosen to live and consume a cleaner, greener, conscious life. By no means are we a 100% environmentally savvy family but we are in transition. Every time I go to the store or am in need of something for my home or family I am provided the opportunity to be a conscious, cleaner, greener consumer. For me it was not about "going green" in one large sweep it has been gradual and with intent. There is power in consumerism so why not use it!

*Klean Kanteen now offers a stainless steal bottle!

You can find both the Klean Kanteen and Pura Stainless steal cups on their websites and numerous other sites  on the web. They can also be found at some outdoor sports and eco boutiques.
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  1. I am trying to decide between the pura and klean kanteen for my one year old twins. I prefer the pura because of the silicone sleeve available- but does it offer a twist cap or sport-type top for when the kids are older? Im worried it wont have the longevity of the klean kanteen. Just wondering about ur experience with this? Any way for the pura to work for an older kid?



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