Blue Velvet

This little peanut is getting really hard to photograph as she masters walking and running! So much to see and a big brother to keep up with. We had actually just finished posing for some pictures(some I hope to share in the future) so she and JQ needed to work out some wiggles. I snapped these photos of Stella just as we arrived to the park.

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On Stella:
Blue Velvet Dress- hand me down @13 years old. (I would love a blazer or mini or just about anything in this material!)
Shoes- Bobux

Just for fun. Here is my brother baby wrangling at the photo shoot.
The only time she was semi still!

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  1. super sweet shots. love the blue velvet!

  2. Beautiful velvet dress on a beautiful little girl:)

  3. Gorgeous dress! I would love something in that material, too! I can't WAIT to see the photos!

  4. i love blue dresses on little girls, pink is NOT necessary. :) love the field shot!

  5. Yes! Beautiful dress - lovely against the green grass. And so nice to see some alternatives to pink.

  6. Oh, and have I told you that your Etsy widget is giving the most massive shopping craving. Yikes. Hide my credit cards. Oh wait, Etsy already knows my number. I'm DOOOOOMMMMEEEEDD.

  7. love the velvet dress, but especially the cutie wearing it! would love to see the posed pics too. so glad you linked up so i could find you!

  8. I adore that dress! It's beautiful.

  9. pretty dress!! and even prettier little girl!!



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