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Overdue by four days and after a midwife appointment at which I was told to hold tight for another week or so, my water broke. In reality and especially for a first pregnancy I realized I had more of a "due month" than a due date and although I was anxious to meet my sweet boy I knew he would come when he was ready.  I loved being pregnant. I felt humongous, walked with a waddle and giggle and had certainly gained more than any chart would recommend. But I was happy and in love with the little one I had yet to meet and the man I had created him with. I felt relaxed and having read almost anything I could get my hands on about midwifery, natural child birth and the like, I felt prepared. So says the first time Mom...
 It was 10:30 pm, Mr. and I lay in bed staring up at the darkness talking when I heard and felt a "pop" on the top of my belly. It wasn't painful at all, just like someone gave me a good thump on the pancita. I asked Mr. if he had heard anything as I sat up in bed. Of course he hadn't. I walked to the bathroom a few steps away still unsure of what had happened and then I realized as the water appeared on the floor, my water had broken. A bit alarmed at the sight of blood as well I asked Mr. to call the midwives. During a short conversation on the phone in which the midwife suggest I head to the hospital as a precaution and because of the amount of blood I experienced my first contraction. It had been about ten minutes since my water had broken. At the hospital the nurses where expecting us. Our midwife, Lisa had called ahead and we were escorted to the "maybe baby room". Here I was monitored as well as the baby and the nurse checked me. At about this time I started to feel nauseous. As the nurse was explaining that my water had broken, everything looked fine ant that I was about 4 centimeters dilated I threw up all over.I was completely caught off guard and was totally embarrassed I had hadn't even been able to make it to the trash. Humility is just one of the many things I learned to accept in childbirth.The nurse advised that we could go home or stay, it was really up to us. After all of my readying and research about laboring at home versus the hospital and the horrendous smell of vomit in my hair we headed home.
At home I showered and tried to relax and even sleep (it was the middle of the night). The contractions where slowly getting stronger so I wasn't able to sleep. I gathered a few things for my hospital bag and worked through some contractions hunched over the side of the bed. The house was dark and quiet and remember feeling calm, studious and happy. When the pain became almost unbearable I told Mr. it was time to head back to the hospital. It was 4 am. As we were leaving I started to feel nausea again. Something I hadn't expected and it alarmed me a little. After arriving at the hospital, a five minute drive from our home, we were directed into a delivery room right away. I was checked and told that I was 7 centimeters dilated. Mr.being the typical novice first time Daddy and a very loving husband called my parents who promptly drove to the hospital. It was 5:30 am. I had gotten sick a few times since arriving at the hospital so I was given a walking IV for fluids and nausea medicine. I walked the halls to help the labor along, puked in a bucket held my Mr.and grasping his arm or the wall railing during contractions. My Dad peeked in on us and Mr. chatted it up with the ladies at the nursing station. The contractions where getting more painful and so the nurses prepared the jacuzzi tub for me. I am immeasurably thankful to have delivered at a hospital that offered a jacuzzi tub to labor in. I dozed between contractions and watched Mr. sleep beside the tub. We had been up all night. After an hour in the tub and contractions that where getting closer together the midwife checked my progress once I was back in the delivery room. I was 9 1/2 centimeters dilated. The pain was overwhelming and I asked for something to manage it. I was given pain medication via an IV. Lisa, our Midwife explained to me that the baby was facing my thigh, not my tailbone as he should be. To get the baby to turn on his own I labored on my side a while. It worked. The baby turned and it was now time to start pushing. I had no "urge" to push. Not once. I simply pushed with the contractions as Mr. held one leg and a delivery nurse the other. The midwife was there the entire time. Talking to me, encouraging me. I delivered the baby's head after 45 minutes of pushing and a tremendous amount of pain. I was sure the worst was over. But after being unable to deliver the rest of the baby easily I panicked. What! Isn't the head the hardest part? Up until this point I had been able to calm myself. I was built to do this after all. My body was built to do this. Woman do this all over the world with very little if any help at all. Woman have done this since the beginning of time. I can do this. This had been my mantra. The pain medication I was given "takes the edge off". It did not make it go away. It dulled it and I was afraid. When the nurses and the midwife told me there would have to be one more big push to deliver the baby's shoulders I said, NO! No, no, no. I cant. Two contractions came and went and I did nothing. I didn't push. I panicked. The entire room emphatically answered back. Yes, you can! You have to do this! My Mr. looked me in the face, "you can do this!" And I did and not without the worst pain I have ever felt to date. Joaquin was placed on my chest and I remember him being wrinkled and bluish in color. He was beautiful. A nurse handed me a small oxygen tube and asked me to hold it under the babies face. I did what I was told. I had stressed my little guy out having him in the birth canal. After a few seconds of oxygen the baby began to cry. He was so small and had so much hair! Like a full grown person walking down the street amount of hair. The nurse asked to take the baby to an Isolette near my bedside to weigh and measure him. The announced his weight, 9 pounds 3 ounces. I began to cry. At that moment I was told also that the baby had low blood sugar and would have to be taken to the NICU, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I still absorbing this miracle of what had taken place was speechless. I remember saying okay and looking at my husband with wide eyes. Go with the baby I told him and they quickly left the room wheeling the Isolette down the hall.The midwife was busying about her job of tending to me. There where so many things happening. Some of my family arrived in the room missing my Mr. and the baby by moments. As soon as I could stand I was allowed to see the baby in the NICU. They had given him an IV and feed him an ounce of formula. Looking back and knowing what I do know I would have tried and nursed my son immediately. Even as the nurses put me back together. My baby boy needed to eat! They monitored him for two days until his blood sugar evened out. I nursed him in the NICU and there was no further need for formula after that initial ounce. He never lost any weight as most newborns do. This kid was born to eat! I remember being incredibly thankful for the my Midwife Lisa and the labor and delivery nurses. They were all so kind, attentive and knowledgeable. Even the counseling and couching, encouragement I received in my prenatal visits proved indispensable. We delivered this baby together, all of us. Expect the Unexpected I was told. Make an ideal birth plan and expect in NOT to go that way. My hope is that many more women are able to have the support, education and medical care that I and my newborn baby had.  I remain in awe of myself,  my children and of the men and women that devote there lives to helping nurture and care for mothers and babies around the world. As part of Save The Children's Annual State Of The Worlds Mothers (SOWM) report I am honored to recall the births of my two children this month. This post will be shared on The Gates Foundation Blog as well as as part of my association with Mom Bloggers For Social Good
Hanna Andersson
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