Another week, another Friday and I would probably be at a total loss as to what I actually did if it were not in part for my iPhone photos. I realized as I attached these photos I have a duplicate but asi es mi vida ahora miso. I think you'll forgive me. I forgive me. Both mis bebes are growing as quickly as my garden it seems. They have stolen my heart all over again and I stand in utter amazement just as I did on the days they were born. If I do nothing else while on this earth I will be content to have in part created and seen these creatures grow. I am looking forward to the weekend, BBQ, bike rides and star gazing and mostly having Mr. home for a couple days, a short work week and celebrating his birthday on the 1st! Roadtrip anyone?! whoot, whoot!! By the way did anyone see the full moon last night? It was gigantic!
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