Small Style: Sunnier

My plans to photo the wee ones this week were squashed by this cold/flu/sickness that I am still fighting. However like the Mom I am, or try to be I had a few small style photos on reserve. They are of course from a sunnier, warmer Northern California than the thunder, lightening, tornado watch one we are currently living in. Oh Mother Nature is an unpredictable one isn't she!!
This steel bridge is just down the street from our house and crosses a creek. JQ loves it and all the noises it makes as we cross.
On Joaquin:
Toro shirt- a gift from my sister from her visit to Espana
shorts- Disney, gifted
Shoes- Target  
On Stella:
Tunic and leggings- Gymboree, gifted by her Abuela
Shoes- Robeez
Sun hat- Joaquin's that I bought at a local Green Baby Expo. handmade by a lovely local woman who's name escapes me...argh!
Here's to sunnier days ahead and kicking the punies! We are after all in the month of June!!

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  1. I always get sick as soon as the weather gets nice, it's so not fair.

    And I love that sunhat!

  2. So glad the sunny warm weather has arrived! August would be crazy jealous of all of the balls Stella has :)

  3. super cute. hope you feel better. it looks so pretty where you live!

  4. Awwww....feel better. I'm sorry to hear that you're sick; being sick and taking care of kids is THE WORST. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a sick day where all that was required of you was to be horizontal in bed with a book, some good DVDs and a laptop? Dreams. We can have them.

    Sending you healthy vibes ~~~~

  5. Being a sick mama really is the worst. We can't call in sick! Hope you kick it soon! Your little guy looks so into that bridge and Stella looks so happy with her toys- way cute! And wow, what crazy weather for Northern California. That's not the NorCal I know. It's supposed to be hot now!

  6. What little cuties!

    I hope you're feeling better and the sun is here to stay!



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