El Mar

This past weekend was Joaquin's first trip to the ocean. Of course he loved it as much as I thought he would and his uncle Richie loved him as much as I thought he would. Can you believe he hadn't seen Joaquin yet! Unlucky for us my camera was acting funny and the GREAT picture I got of Richie holding Joaquin was over exposed. arrrgh! But here it is anyway....(we miss you Rich!)
The ocean has always been a love of mine. I played in it as a child and play in it still. I have lived by the ocean and far from it. My happiest memories are near the ocean or in it. As soon as Keeners put his little toes in the sand the smile started. He wouldnt look up after that,...just stared at his toes as he moved his feet around in the sand. He smiled and screamed at the ocean and stuck his arms out in excitment.
He is as I have mentioned before, a water baby. My brother in Law lives five blocks from the beach in Santa Cruz and is enjoying every minute. He too is a fish and absolutely loves that Joaquin seems to be as well at six months old. :) Rich will probably be the one to show him how to surf and body board and I really hope he does. Joaquin and his uncle Richie will be fish together, in the sea...
Even though the time fly by way too fast we enjoyed it very, very much. After a day at the beach we head north on the Cabrillo Highway to Pacifica. Beautiful drive along the water especially with the fog rolling in. WOW. We picked this spot because it left only a 30 minute drive into San Francisco the following morning were my husband would be playing baseball in Golden Gate Park. Our room had a fantastic view of the ocean and the hillside and in the morning we could hardly eat our breakfast because we were watching dolphins and whales right off the shore. Two whales were playing and eating some 100 yards of the beach, back and forth right in front of the restaurant. Then a bit later a few dolphins showed up and starting playing in the surf. It was hard to pack up and head into the city but was an amazing start to the day. I know that Joaquin may not remember this first trip to the ocean however I will remember. I will remember this trip and the many more to come. My husband and I are already planning a trip to Pacifica again and it wont be to soon!
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  1. What a great day! Your son is so adorable.

  2. Aww! I love Joaquin's legs! So cute. You did well, Mama. He's adorable.



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