Happy Truck

We have a spare vehicle of sorts. A four cylinder, manual everything going on fifteen years old little truck. The partially oxidized, chrome peeling eye sore sits most of the time rarely getting used or driven. Pretty un-cool really. Mr. And I had talked various times about selling it in fact. But it IS a truck and those comes in handy now and again, right?
Lately though it has made a certain someone very happy.
He loves that truck.
He asks to sit in it and go for drives. Actually he days "bye-bye, truckie?" but I speak toddler so ya know.  Being the indulgent parents that we are, we take him for little rides around the neighborhood and occasionally to run an errand. He sits in the cab, touches and explores everything while we are parked of course!). He bobs his head to the radio and attentively looks out the window. So for now I think we will hold on to that little spare truck 'cause... the truck makes him happy and that is pretty darn cool.
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1 comment:

  1. The joy! These pictures make my heart sing! Isn't it wonderful how such small things can make these little people so happy!



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