I have been a bit under the weather these past few days. UGH! Cold, Flu whatever it is, it isn't pretty on me, okay. I once heard someone say "you can not get sick as a Mom". There are no sick days, sick leave, someone to share your desk work etc. And, unless you have an amazing support system that statement is true, you muscle through, right? Even with family, friends to help, how often do we simply not ask them? Not to burden them? I have something to say. ASK THEM!
I for one have an amazing support system of family in the city that we live. And as badly as I want to live next to the beach I am so completely over the moon thankful that we live close to family right now. Having small ones away from people you trust and confide in is something I cannot imagine doing and for those that have, my heart goes out to you.
It truly takes a village y'all!
Thank you to GiGi these past couple of days and to my Mr. You have been an amazing help. From JQ, Stella and I, We love you and are so very lucky to have you.
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