We are here and it still doesn't seem so. Here but not settled and not in our own place. Our belongings are boxed up inside a truck somewhere between here and there and when it will arrive remains to be seen. In fact we told them to hold on for it now, we will let you know when we are ready for it. And this makes my stomach knot and flip and sit in my belly like a brick. Our house needs fixing before it becomes once again our home. I'd like to pick it up and shake it until all the dust and loose parts fall away leaving a clean slate, a fresh space to start. In a way that is what we are doing just in a smaller, slower way. The air is crisp and the leaves have begun to fall. Autumn visits here in this place we will once again call home. It's display of color steals my heart year after year sending me out for more walks than usual. The in between can be quite beautiful in the earths seasons. The change from Summer and Winter brings glorious Fall. This change in season for us is also glorious, outstanding and truly a gift, an opportunity. The limbo I am now feeling will fade and a sturdy foundation will form from routines, family, our beloved outdoors, community and a home.
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