An Apple For The Road

shirt: LovePalm21, cords: target, shoes: Saltwater
I am beginning to love Wednesdays. GiGi (aka MY Mama!!) has been taking JQ for the first part of the day and so Stellita and I have until mid-afternoon to do whatever we pl-easy. I snapped these photos on our way to drop JQ off.  He wanted to bring an apple. Never hungry until we are leaving the house...
dress: Target, shoes: Little Soles, headband: gifted
We had wood delivered over a week ago and I have yet to get it stacked. Im sorta glad though because it made for a great back drop for Stella! She actually sat and smiled for this picture. Then proceeded to get up and laugh at me...
I like "non-posey" photos better anyway!! HAH
Savor the cuteness people....savor it.
Here are two more of my (not so) little guy. We had a brief rain shower over the weekend. I loved these photos of his face while he watched the rain. I smile every.single.time I look at them. We opened the garage doors and let him ride his bike around inside. I have a feeling we will be doing a lot of that this winter!
shirt: OshKosh, jeans: old navy, shoes: See Kai Run
How can you NOT smile at this face!!
We are linking up with the very lovely Morgan for Small Style! If you have little ones and want to share the cuteness, Small Style is the place to do it friends!

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  1. they are such cuties. love her dress!

  2. such happy little ones! love it...

  3. too cute! love the majenta and orange polkadots! she looks like a bowl of sorbet.

  4. Those are some seriously beautiful children! I love both of their shoes.

  5. Adorable little ones! Love their small style :)

  6. That are fabulous pictures and, of course, your kids are gorgeous! How special that Joaquin gets special time with his grandma and you get special time with Stella. Win-win!

  7. What a cool sense of style! Gotta love good old target ;) Have I ever told you how much I love both of their names?

  8. Your little ones are adorable!! I prefer the non posed photos, too :) It's more fun to catch them in action!



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