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One third of S & J's closet is dress up clothes, store bought, hand me downs and hand made. Joaquin has taken a huge interest in dressing up and taking on the rolls of certain characters and animals. After we came home from Disneyland for about a week he was either Mickey Mouse, a pirate or Donald Duck 24/7. We have Mickey ears and hands, Donald Ducks beak and pretty much ever pirate accessory you can imagine. Lately with the opening of his Abuelita's Halloween store he has been Spider-Man or Diego or what Mr. calls Super JQ. Miss Stella on the other hand isn't into dress up past wearing Mami's shoes or a tutu. She does role play a ton just not with dress up clothes! I have picked up some super cute items here and there so it's tough to see her pass them up. For now though Joaquin uses them and I just hope and encourage Stellita to take an interest. Anticipating Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos I did dress her up in bird wings and a mask which she wore for all of five minutes. I'm thinking I may dress her in a more subtle costume (one she cant get off)for upcoming Halloween parties/events?!? Or should I just let it go? Thoughts?
Please excuse the blurred photos, someone was in a hurry to get her costume OFF!
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The movers are scheduled to start our move Halloween morning which I'm not totally excited about. Luckily there is much celebration planned this weekend before the moving chaos ensues. Pumpkin carving party, Dia De Los Muertos festival and trick or treating.
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  1. our kids should play!!! Lily loves dressing up and it's how she spends most of her days. usually a fairy or a princess. where did you get that lovely owl came? i love it!!

    1. It would be wonderful for them to play!! The Peacock wings are via ShopLittles on Etsy.

  2. I love him as cute. And those could she not want to wear those?? They are super awesome!

    My oldest used to love to play and dress up super hero. I remember he would wear his costumes friends homes, shopping, running errands.

    Does Stella enjoy face painting....maybe you can find something to do with face paint for dia de los muertos or halloween?

    1. Marcela- Stella DOES love makeup! We are headed to a Dia De Los Muertos festival today and I am hoping she will get her face painted. I'm going as un muerto so maybe she'll be into it! Thank you!



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