Leaves And Things

At the park the leaves where slowly falling and floating off the trees. From the top of the slide Stellita called to me, " Mami, what happy(happened)?" I replied, " the leaves are falling mija (las hojas están cayendo)." She promptly slide down and announced, "I catch'em!" And trotted off to catch the leaves. Which she attempted for all of two minutes before running off to the Cheese(pictured). Because let's face it playing in a huge slice of Swiss cheese made of concrete is pretty awesome.
Linking to Small Style
Stella is wearing OshKosh overalls(hand me down) and top, shoes Saltwater.
Joaquin is wearing Maui shirt from My Grandma, jeans OshKosh, shoes Keen.
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  1. they are too cute! wish Lily would wear overalls. but you know, she's too much of a princess/fairy/mermaid for that ;)

  2. Oh, so sweet. I can't believe how big they're getting! I still remember stumbling across your blog and seeing a sweet baby baby baby girl with the same name as my girl. And now! Look at this gorgeous KID! And, a rather handsome big brother!

  3. i love these two! they remind me so much of my kids too :)



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