He mostly lugs it around or lies down on his belly pushing along with his hands. The moving Estimator came today to add up all our possessions into some sort of packing and moving equation. Joaquin marched proudly after him, skateboard in hand. My almost four year old little man! The breeze is pushing today and the cool air brings much welcomed change. Change in seasons, change for our sweet family.
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Stella wore: shirt-Target, shorts-Children's Place, bow-Adornme Girl, shoes-L'amour
Joaquin wore: shirt-Gap, shorts-Cherokee, shoes-Saltwater
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  1. Oh boy, I can't believe how big your kids are looking. I feel like i've watched them grow up across an ocean via Small Style. <3

  2. your kids are so big!! i see them on instagram but the photos are much smaller that i can't see their faces as clear. craziness how fast they've grown. Stella is much taller and Joaquin is really a little man. gorgeous kiddos!! :)



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