Country Bubby

This little Mama has been OH SO busy. She has dedicated so much of the day carrying around her "Bubby". She gives her kisses, takes her for rides in the stroller, gives her a binky and makes sure she takes lots of naps in a cozy blanket(that she has also been toting around). And all the time she seems to love doing it. Not a single complaint from Mama Stella.
The weather has been really warm. Like I'm ducking for shade at 9am kind of warm. My garden has taken off. Mostly herbs like cilantro, basil, chive and herba buena the tomatoes, radish and sunflowers growth could probably be measured by the minute! Miss Stella and Bubby "help" a lot in the garden. All three of us barefoot most of the time, its how we roll. Country girls in the city I guess. And Bubby is in her birthday suit most of the time. I guess her mama es una naturalista!
On Stella
Shirt- Lisa Gorno via Etsy
Denim Shorts- Circo
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  1. What a sweet little mumma she is.

  2. awww, she is such a sweetie! and i love that play stroller -- so cute!



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