Clean Living, Earth Day Edition

Here I blogged about how my family is living a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. We eat local, organic real foods when and where possible. Every time I go to the store or am in need of something for my home or family I am provided the opportunity to be a conscious, cleaner, greener consumer. For me it is not about "going green" in one large sweep. But rather taking informed, calculated steps, some larger some small in becoming an environmentally savvy consumer. There is great power in consumerism!
In keeping with my promise to share some of the ways we have reduced waste as a family I thought I would share some really great and practical products, some we use and some I am itching to make part of my lifestyle.
When we moved Mr. and I also decided to stop using paper towels and napkins. Having two small children that can make not so small messes in about 30 seconds the idea of going paperless was daunting at first. In reality though it has been a breeze! In addition to the kitchen towels I already had we picked up a few cloth napkin sets on sale and at the second hand store and have quite the collection in a short period of time. This is a super easy and pocket friendly step in creating less waste as a family! Etsy has some super cute cloth napkins. Here are a few I am eyeing!

And a few tea towel/kitchen towel options from both Etsy and Amazon. The super absorbent Organic Hemp kitchen towels are right up my alley for big spills and messes! 

 Reusable containers for food storage is on my list of purchases. We go to the beach and park and on road trips A LOT! So finding some more practical yet environmentally friendly ways to transport food and snacks is a must. I am currently taking steps to eliminate the use of plastic in my kitchen as well so these types of purchases would be two fold. Below are some options I found via Etsy and Amazon again. I love the stainless steal options which are much more toddler friendly than the glass containers I am currently using! Also the colorful bento box, Me Muero!


 Lastly I thought I would share my love for the reusable shopping/grocery bag. This is something I have been using for quite some time. My favorite is the nylon type that compacts into its own small bag. Chico Bag makes a great bag and they are on Zulily today! They have many uses and are easy to wash. My Mr. uses them for his laundry while traveling and my brother uses a more manly messenger bag style for his groceries! I have given then as party favors and used them in place of a gift bag. The options are endless... I have these bags in my car, in the entry table of my home and at least one in my purse at all times. I have found that if I keep a few scattered about I am more apt to use them. Again, here are some options from the Internet. I have a serious crush on these made from T-Shirts!
Happy Earth Month and Earth Day to you all!

I was not compensated for this post. All of the content is my own and just felt like sharing, enjoy.
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  1. I agree that "going green" is a process. For me it´s been a very rewarding 3 years. There is SO much to be done, or undone, SO much to read into, SO much to do, that when I took the decision to walk away from "normal" I felt truly overwhelmed. So, the decosion to take it slowly has allowed me to enjoy the process. We have not only greened our home and our bellies, but are learning how to do many things ourselves (such as body butter, lip balms, citrus cleaner, etc) as well, and are still learning more and more everyday. It is slow, but isn´t it a fulfilling and liberating feeling? Big hug!



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