Cheesy Romantic

At the beach a few days ago there was the happiest of couples. These two where Not elderly but not teenagers or college students either. They laughed, giggled even. Talked closely and quietly. They sat on the beach, very near the water, soaking the sun and talking. There could have been a million people there or none but those two and they wouldn't have noticed. They drank coca cola from the bottle and took there shoes and socks off. They ran into the water laughing, fully clothed the woman's laugh quicker and higher as she splashed. Gosh knows that water must have been so cold. They stopped about waist deep and pulled each other in tight. It was the stuff from movies or a cheesy romantic novel but it made me smile. I would look away a bit embarrassed, smiling to myself and then sneak a peak again. I wondered if they were on a first date, married for five years or having an affair. Maybe they left the kids with a sitter and snuck away for the afternoon. Whatever it was it was also refreshing and heartwarming. Since then I have begun planning a few such escapes for Mr. and I. For as difficult as it might be to arrange, it will be OH SO worth it. I spend so much of my time being Mommy and maybe not as much as I like as a wife. Keeping life in balance is a continuous task but one I am determined to enjoy.
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