Traditions & My Mr.

While I was decorating the tree this year I was reminded that my Mr. and I have been together for eight years. Married for four years, my husband and I have lived together and shared the holiday eight times this year! Every year for Christmas I buy him an airplane ornament (silly I know) and there are seven on our tree right now. It has become just one of our quirky holiday traditions as a couple. Now with two little ones in tow there will be new traditions for them and for us as a family and I am so excited. 
Together for eight years our lives as a couple has changed the most in the last two, I would say. Planned change, exciting change, change for the good. As sort of a celebration of all that "change" and in light of the holidays and my husbands inproved health I thought it appropriate to have photos taken of our small, yet complete family. Henry was feeling well enough and Joaquin was feisty as ever. Jenn, our photographer was patient and resourceful. The photos turned our wonderful and I cannot wait to hang them in our home. I have chosen just a few of my favorites to share with you all.
I adore the photos of my children and those of us as a family but I cannot stop looking at the photos of just my husband and I. It is where it all started after all, right? ...with just the two of us. All that we have accomplished together and all that we have to look forward to has me over the moon, quirky traditions an all.
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  1. What gorgeous pictures Tiffany! You have such a beautiful family. And I love your airplane ornament tradition. Every time we take a little trip, we buy an ornament wherever we are. It's so fun to have tree is full of family memories.



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