Searching For Christmas

A group of us decided on Friday morning to head to the snow. Our belly's still full from the night before we piled in the jeep and headed up the hill. We did not have to go far, about 45 minutes actually, and there it was...the white fluffy stuff, and a lot of it! My sister and parents wanted to find and cut Christmas trees so with the quick purchase of two permits for $10.00, the search was on!
It seemed as if a lot of other people had the same enthusiasm to find the perfect tree that day. The Outpost lodge was busy with a line of 4x4 vehicles all with tagged trees...

We drove up as far as the road had been plowed and then set out on foot. Lucky for us some pathways had been made so getting to a potential tree was not that much of a hike. And sooner than we thought, there they were, two perfect Christmas trees no more than 15 feet from one another. Eureka!

My Dad always handy cut down one and my sister the other. Still "mostly" dry and in good spirits we headed back to our vehicles for some hot coco, snacks and a little fun in the snow. Stella cooed and wiggled her arms and legs while I carried her in the pack. I think she really liked the cold air on her nose and the sound of voices echoing in the trees. Joaquin gladly made a spot on the tailgate amongst the food while my brother in law, Richie and nephew, Simon played in the snow, sledding and making snow angels.

While we snacked and played I thought how lucky we are to live so close to the mountains, yet not IN the mountains. And so when the hot coco was gone and the boys had managed to soak through there shoes and socks with melted snow we packed up and headed down the hill.
Friday also happened to be my Brother in Law, Richie's birthday. So as we headed back we made plans to celebrate, which we did with hot wings, beer, and cake! Happy Birthday Rich! What a wonderful day...

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