Five & Twenty Two

Can you believe how quickly babies grow and develop? It never ceases to amaze me as you can tell as I have blogged about it numerous times before.
For the past twenty two months Joaquin has surprised and (mostly) delighted me with his feisty, adventurous soul. His latest venture, climbing into the pantry to get a snack. No need to ask Mommy to get it or ask if it is okay..oh no, no. He has begun to put words together too, baby sentences I call them. "It's a car" or "It's a book" he tells me. He will pat the seat next to him or the bed if he wants me to come sit with him and he has begun to use his imagination while playing with his toys too. There are all kinds of explosions and car crashes going on in his room these days... I love it! He still loves his bath every water baby.

climbing into the pantry to get a snack!

Stella is proving to surprise and delight as well in her own sweet way. At five months old she is sitting up, rolling over, cooing and singing, giggling and laughing and eating some solid food! She is happiest laying on her back, mostly naked, cooing and putting her feet in her mouth. Ah the life of a babe...She is such a sweet girl. In the mornings I can hear her wake up and start singing (cooing). She sticks her feet in the air and is completely happy on her own for a few minutes. She will also fall asleep on her own. She takes little cat naps on her own through out the day AND is almost sleeping through the night!! I feed her at about 9:30pm and then again at 5:30 ish and she sleeps until 8:00am. Stella, I LOVE YOU!! She can grab things that she wants within reach and loves a little cloth dolly that was Joaquin's. Her hair has started to come in now, dark as I may sneak a few clippies into her stocking this Christmas!! So fun.

Stella "playing" with her brother and sitting in the Bumbo.

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