Holidays - Check! Baltimore- Here We Come!

Well we have made it through the holidays with the exception of New Years just days away. This Christmas we had more family together than in many years past. It felt good to have everyone under the same roof, chatting, eating, drinking, laughing. The children racing around, Joaquin laughing and crawling after them. He had a wonderful time ripping off ribbons and bows and tearing through paper. But I must say he was more interesting in the ripping and tearing than he was at the actual gift, at least initially. Now he is discovering each of his toys and really loving every one! It is hard to believe next year we will have two little ones for Christmas. Ah yes people...we are expecting another baby in July. My husband leaves for Baltimore in a few days and that too has had us busy. Joaquin and I will join him at the end of January and I cannot wait! Although we are going to freeze our hineys off it will be awesome to explore the East Coast and enjoy our place in the Harbor. By the time we head out that way I am confident Joaquin will be walking. he has taken a couple steps without knowing, and a couple tumbles too. So there will be many posts and pictures to come of Baltimore, 1ST birthdays and a new baby belly! Happy New Year everyone!
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