A Hat For Baby

While rummaging through the hall closet the other day I came across all my yarn and crochet hooks. In Baltimore (while snowed in!) I had started a blanket for Stella but had not picked it back up since being home. Inspired by some of the yarn colors I decided to make "Lil Miss" a hat, but could not for the life of me remember how to get started. I looked online for instruction but that was impossible. Who can read a crochet pattern anyway? (I am not one to follow a pattern or recipe to begin with ...) Well yesterday morning I woke up and just suddenly remembered! Is it not strange how the brain works, or seems not to sometimes! Anyhow in no time at all I had made Stella a hat. I think it is adorable as is the baby wearing it. Don't you?!
Joaquin has a hat now too and with a bag full of yarn and a week full of freezing temperatures ahead there is no telling what I will come up with. Happy Crocheting people!
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