Treating Seasonal Allergies Naturally

Much of my time, while not baby wrangling is spent in our garden. It is my happy place. In the Spring because I am planting and preparing and the plants really start to produce. Summer because everyday I head out to the garden there is something to be harvested or tended to. The kiddos are in the garden with me or at least never far off. Right now Stella is nibbling the broccoli and parsley and JQ pulling off snap peas. We love it! While I hesitate to call what I am doing amongst the veggies work, it is messy, dirty and right now I am experiencing seasonal allergies!  My nose and eyes are a mess to the point it is unbearable to be outdoors. Not being able to do something I adore and find quite therapeutic because of itchy watery eyes and sneezing would be a total drag. Taking an allergy pill that would make me sleeping, dull my senses or mask my symptoms is not an option either.  Staying true to my ideals I have found several natural forms of treating seasonal allergies that really work for me. Hearing from friends around the country it sounds like many are loving the spring weather not the allergies that come with it. I thought it helpful to share some of the natural allergy treatment methods I have found to be most effective.
 1. Adding honey to your daily diet is a completely natural and effective way to help with seasonal allergies. Loosely, the honey triggers your body into producing antibodies against the allergens. Local honey is best as it would be unique to the flowers and plants blooming in your area. Honey from nearby your home should be available at your local farmers market or natural food store. 2. Adding an all natural Allergy Supplement with ingredients such as nettle, echinacea, vitamin C and bee pollen all of which have been proven to help with seasonal allergies. These supplements can be taken individually as well to help with allergy symptoms. 3. Using a Neti Pot! Never heard of it? I hadn't either until a few years ago but WOW the relief! An ancient tradition of Indian Yogi's the Neti Pot has just recently gained popularity in the US. Using a mild saline solution the Neti Pot cleanses your sinuses thus flushing the allergens out. Used daily this is a very effective and natural way to treat seasonal allergies. 4. Drinking hot tea or even hot water is something I find helpful as well.  5. Lastly, when coming in doors after being outside I will wash my face and hands and even change my clothes. Even trying one of these methods would be beneficial and worth a try.  

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Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. The opinions expressed on this blog are my own based on personal experience and my own research. I have not been compensated for this post in anyway.
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