A Cup Of Tea For Mommy


The act of preparing a cup of tea in the afternoon has saved me from totally loosing it on innumerable occasions. Its true. Late in the day, that hour or two before dinner is ready when my sweet tots are tired from a day of play, I am tired from a day being Mommy, my patients waining, I'll make a cup of tea. Its a small thing that I can do for myself amongst the business of filling sippy cups and clean up messes of toys and finger paints. Turning the kettle on, pulling a favorite mug from the cupboard, picking a tea from the pantry. These small steps divided take no time at all but enough time to calm my nerves a bit and focus on the very small simple task i am doing. While letting the tea steep I'll soothe a boo boo on a little knee. We make the world around us beautiful with these small acts and being kind to ourselves. I recently ready a quote by Audrey Hepburn.
"As you grow older you will discover you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others." 
While I'm not I qualify as "older" becoming a Mom many of us dive in wholeheartedly to taking care of our children and discount our own needs as something to be addressed later. The act of preparing a cup of tea might seem like just another thing to put on the "to do" list and perhaps it will be the first time around. You will find that it really is a very small gesture to yourself. Once you breathe in the steamy aroma or perhaps even enjoy it with a friend during a playdate at home it will become a ritual in honor of you!
I already have four empty Tazo tea tins sitting in my office that would be perfect for this. They could be the start of my office herb garden. -CABtea

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  1. oh my! i love that tea cup and those twinings tins with herbs and succulents!!! what a lovely idea! and who can beat tazo?!! yum! so glad you shared this :)



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