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Thank goodness for these little photo reminders that although I am exhausted from this week, it was a wonderful seven days with my little family. We found the fun and beauty in the everyday even though sometimes it's not so easy. 1. (top left)Crazy windy weather and a 10 minute break between rain showers makes for a great excuse to run over to the Elementary School grass area and fly a kite. We grabbed Buzz from the depths of the garage and had fun until Stella let go of his string and he flew onto the roof...Maybe two year olds shouldn't be in charge of flying the kite? 2. Dogwood blooms are something I look forward to every Spring. The pink ones are my favorite. 3. We have been having ice cream almost everyday. I KNOW! It's just that the 75 degree weather and playing in the sprinkler has us all confused that it is Summer or something and plus who can resist Rocky Road? Obv. I can't. 4. Kiddos playing at the park. I love that they are playing together even when we are out and about with other kids. 5. Stella has been seriously hungry lately and going into the kitchen and opening cupboards and the fridge on her own. It totally freaks me out and so do these pink fangs left over from Halloween! 6. We celebrated my Grandpa's 80th at a Basque restaurant and took up nearly the entire place. It was a mad house, crazy, busy, kids everywhere but the food was really delicious.
1. I tried a Guadalajara Mix of chile's and seeds to marinate some bistec for Mr. It ended up the clove flavor was way too much for our liking. Do you cook with clove? Bleeh. 2. More gorgeous weather means a blanket in the grass.3. Joaquin has fallen (back) in love with his train set. I took the train table out of the nursery because his train track menagerie is way big with all sorts of connections and bridges and such. They fill the entire floor, so much fun! 4. Mis Padres brought back this pottery bride and mariachi for me from Mexico. I love them but have them tucked away in my room for fear the kiddos might try and play with them. There are very, very few things in my house that the kids can't play with. Is your house like that or do you have hands off areas/rooms? 5. Joaquin busted these adorable faces out yesterday morning. He told me one is PopBee, one GiGi and one him. I am going to put these in his book. I'll write the date on the back. 6. This happy face is what I saw when I picked him up from Preschool. He LOVED the activities that day especially the face painting. Enrolling him in a multicultural performing arts program has proven to be a fabulous fit. 
Happy weekend. I am looking forward to more sunshine, a nature walk with the wee ones today and dinner out tonight!
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