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Slap slap slap. Her little feet on the floor. Slap, slap. "Ami?" Her little voice soft and kind. I open my eyes. She is standing at the side of the bed. Her face close to mine, smiling. Her curly wild mess of hair piled on top of her head she is holding a small green comb. "Hi baby" I say. She takes it as an invitation to climb onto the bed. I shove the palms of my hands down into the sheets and slowly sit up in bed. "C'mon Ami, I show you" she says as she squeezes her body between mine and the headboard. She combs my hair. Tears form at the corners of my eyes when the plastic tips scrap my scalp. "So boofull" she says softly as she continues to comb. Her hands on my shoulder she peeks around to look at my face. "I brush your hair!" Her chin bobbing up and down. "Yes baby, thank you." I say. Truth is I can't think of many other ways I'd like to be woken up. The mornings are slow and easy and I am continually thankful.

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