Sushi+FroYo = A Happy Mi

There are a certain foods that I am always game for and a good saki roll is one of them (along with Orange Chicken, Clam Chowder, horchata, and mangos). These past ELEVEN months have lacked good sushi. Pure torture i tell you!! My excuse? Impatient and hungry toddlers can be a tough crowd to go seeking out new food establishments with. But alas Mr. and I were unusually well rested and adventuresome this past week and thank goodness!!!! It was no small task but we found a terrific sushi spot near the house. The service was awesome and they were in love with the kids, which helped seeing that we left somewhat of a sticky rice situation behind. Does this look like a guilty face?

A few doors down was a frozen yogurt shop so of course we had that for dessert. The kids had some sort of chocolate gummy bear concoction while I THOUGHT Mr. and I were going to share Dulce De Leche and Toffee with nuts. Unfortunately I handed off the yogurt to Mr. to pay while I chased our lovely brood outside. When Mr. came out he had added a few toppings like coconut (yum!) and Oreo cookie??? An interesting choice but one I could work around. Miss Stella was such a ham with the waitresses and the other people having yogurt on the patio. In these photos she is saying "cheesebugga!".

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Dress is Nosilla Organics, shoes are See Kai Run and hair clip from AdornMe Girl
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  1. she looks sooooo guilty! i'm always in for sushi too. and crave it all the time! but, lucky us, a new great sushi place just opened around the corner from us.
    great seeing!

  2. Mmm, you can't beat good sushi! Sadly not my kids' favourite choice, so it's limited to those rare occasions we go out as a couple...

  3. We were just talking about this the other day. I haven't had sushi in forever- like since I was pregnant with my two year old. Mostly because I forgot I can eat it again! Glad you found some and I love her stripes!

    I'd love for you to link up to WKWW-What Kids Wore Wednesday Link Party this week at ONE little MOMMA!




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