Horchata Misto

With the cooler mornings and brisk evenings comes spiced lattes or Mexican Hot Chocolates from the corner cafe. My own version of a fall drink I make at home is the Horchata Misto. It's friendly to the budget, nondairy and doesn't judge if your still in your PJ's at 10am! While I am strictly coffee and caffeine in the morning a cup of tea in the evening has also become part of my routine. Misto or Au Lait or as it is called at one of my favorite restaurants in Chico, A Bowl of Soul, this is my version of a fall spiced drink using tea and horchata.
A little history for those that are not familiar with horchata it is perhaps the original nondairy "milk". Made from rice, cinnamon and sugar it is a traditional Mexican drink and an absolute favorite of mine. Enjoyed chilled typically at anytime of the day with any meal. It is easily made at home or found at many Latino markets and some supermarkets and Mexican restaurants.
Horchata Misto
Here is what I do:
-Brew a strong cup of tea, (I used chamomile as it was in the evening) water filled halfway with boiling water.
-Warm a small amount of horchata, careful not to scorch it.
-Once the horchata is hot I create the foam with a handheld frother. Mine was $5 at Ikea years ago!
-I then fill the brewed tea cup with horchata and top it with the froth.
Happy Weekend
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  1. oh this sounds yummy! I froth a little milk in my tea....but horchata...that sounds special...

    1. Marcela. I like a splash of milk in my coffee and tea sometimes too. The little added spice from the horchata is fun. Hope you are well!



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