Pirate Play

Sometimes I drive to another city so that my kids can play at a pirate playground. JQ is all about finding treasure and pirate ships these days. Guaranteed while we are at the beach he spots what he is sure is a pirate ship and spends a good amount of time digging for treasure. So this playground in a neighboring city, was a big hit. We were there for hours! Certainly worth the 20 minute drive.
Miss Stella still gets excited just seeing and hearing the other kids play. JQ keeps track of his little sister as he runs from slide to swing to rock wall. He encourages her to try the big slide and stuff that freaks me out. Most of the time she is game for it too. So you can imagine me trying to play it cool as I follow them both around the play structures. 
JQ is wearing Old Navy Polo, Circo khaki shorts and Puma sneakers
Stellita is wearing Disney shirt, Circo denim shorts and Dingo boots.
We are headed to Disneyland tomorrow for an impromtu visit. Everytime Stellita wears this Figaro shirt JQ asks for a "NO-KEY-OH" (Pinocchio) shirt for himself, so I will be on the look out. They were also singing "yo ho, yo ho"  while on the teeter totter. So I think they are ready for Disneyland!!

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  1. Sooooo cute! I hope you guys had so much fun at Disneyland! I want to hear about it!



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