Jibber Jabber

Sitting in the early afternoon shade I'm watching my sweet babes splash in the shallow pool a few feet away. four or five inches of water in an absurdly orange plastic pool is all you need to cool off when your two and three years old. There naked little bodies splash about as there imaginations take them to far off places and adventures. I wonder for a moment how much longer they will play in the nude. Such simplicity and innocence at this age. "ayudame, ayudame" Joaquin says almost in song as he rescues a Rollie Pollie from the intrepid depths of the orange plastic sea. He races over to me his cupped palm stretched out proudly. He jibber jabbers his brave rescue story and rushes off to splash again, his trusty partner waiting with a smile. She turns and squeals as he jumps in and i admire her unruly curls now past her shoulders. a cool breeze passes across my toes and the lemony fragrance of lavender plants reach my nose. My body relaxed and my mind calm I long for nothing more than this very moment.
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  1. Ah, summer paddling pool moments! Great for little ones and mums n dads :-)

  2. Beautiful, lady! I want to be there splashing right along side you guys!



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