Small Style & Disney!

We are still riding the Disney high around here. To my relief the little ones have been playing about the house and yard happily for the past few days. There minds full of Mickey Mouse and flying and music and I am right there with them! I snapped a few unwilling photos for this weeks Small Style while they played in their room yesterday.
We came home with Mickey ears and hands, a pirate sword and hook and a plush Donald Duck. These few items along with the toys they already had have JQ and Stellita immersed in imaginative play most of the day, and thank goodness!!A Mama never really gets a day off but this stage of happily playing together for an hour or so at a time is divine.
Stella is wearing:
 a vintage dress, hand me down western boots from JQ and a hair bow from AdornMe Girl.
Joaquin is wearing:
Polo from Old Navy, Circo shorts and Leather Converse C/O GiGi & PopBee

For those of you that are wondering or have never been. Disneyland IS all that it is cracked up to be. This being Joaquin's second visit at almost four years old, he was genuinely enamored with every bit. The imagery, the characters, the rides...he got it. Today he quite sincerely told me that he loved Mickey Mouse and I sincerely believe him. Stella had a wonderful time too. A lot of it she doesn't quite understand yet though. She adored The Little Mermaid ride in California Adventure (we rode it twice), It's A Small World and the Parade. Singing and Dancing is her thang!! 

We saw MM no less than four times among many other characters like Goofy, Pluto, Minnie, Chip and Dale and New Characters like Jake and The Neverland Pirates walking about and visiting with children. Suddenly I was 8 years old and so excited for my little ones (we were cool with waving and saying hello from a few feet away). California Adventure had a fantastic live Mickey Mouse Club show that both the kiddos loved. Bugs land was nice and shaded and ideal for little ones under 5 or so, Cars land was awesome too. The 90+ degree heat was the only drawback to our visit so the live shows indoors and many of the air conditioned rides where a welcomed treat. We went on weekdays and during the off season so riding rides more than once was easy and we did not deal with crowds! We stayed close enough to the park to leave at nap time. Going to the room to freshen up, swim in the pool and nap was awesome with or without little ones! We returned to the park just before dinner and staying for the Parade and Fireworks. I am hoping to make another trip before the end of the year!

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  1. Ok, I totally have Disney fever! We went last year and probably won't go again for a few more years, but I wish we could go now!

    Those photos (and those kids!) are so gorgeous! I love their outfits! Also, so glad that they're playing well for you. Mamas definitely need that!

  2. Oh looks so fun! My husband and I are thinking of taking our Stella to Disney (though probably some Asian disney Hong Kong or something) but judging from the fact that she freaks out whenever she sees people dressed up in costumes and she has no idea who any of the disney characters are, it might be a while before we're ready. Looks like you guys had fun though!!

  3. looks like so much fun. we are waiting for Lily to be 4 to take her but, we might have to go earlier...



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