Wordless Wednesday - Driftwood

Still not wanting to go past his knees in the water, JQ decided to collect small pieces of driftwood instead. Also are there any Jim Gaffigan fans out there that have heard his joke about swim shirts? I had to smile at these photos of JQ in his "swim shirt". If you haven't caught Gaffigan's show check out Mr. Universe. Seriously funny stuff. He jokes about life as a parent, cosleeping, homebirthing...all that stuff that I can relate to. Good for a much needed laugh!
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  1. How creative! At least he keeps himself busy! He is so cute!

  2. Can I tell you I know when I stop by I will always see a wonderful place in your pictures? Jealous... the good way :) I need to make my home the ocean again.

  3. So sweet and what a lovely place

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