Parts Unknown

We spend a lot of time at a bitty beach along the PCH. There is no sign or parking lot. No restrooms, snack shack or beach volleyball, just a concrete staircase down to the sand and a call box. Mr. calls it Bass Rock Beach because an old(er) surfing local told him that's what he thinks it's called. Except that I have never seen any surfers there, just a few fishermen once in a while. I can't seem to find that name, Bass Rock, anywhere on a map but there are rocks and fish! Regardless it has been a pretty sweet spot for us these past few months, to catch the sunset, get our feet wet (or our entire body) and study tide pools and sea creatures clinging to the rocks. After a full day yesterday of Farmers Markets, errands, friends and food we stopped at our unknown beach in hopes of spotting a starfish, sea anemone or crab. But the current had changed, bringing tons of new sand to the beach covering lots of what was exposed rock. There were no tide pools and no creatures to study but lots of sandy beach and no people. So we ran, got silly, sandy and yes a little wet too. With the sun sinking and the air turning cool we had to keep moving to stay warm. Wrapped in beach towels we didn't stay long but I'm so glad we stopped.
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