Word-ful Wednesday. Things my 3 Year Old Says

Actually he is almost 3 1/3 and says a heck of a lot more than what I have listed below. These are just some of my favorites and some I hear multiple times a day! And while the little fits he threw when he was two are long gone there is a new kind of tantrum rearing it's head lately and it is u.g.l.y! In fact I am aat a loss im how to "deal" with it and am feeling the need to buy some books on the subject... Any words of advice?

Things Joaquin says:
Wait ah me!
Baff = bath
Lechitita = lechita = milk
Poof = move
I no see
Fick it = fix it
Plantadon = platano = banana
Ice sweem
Chalk it's = chocolate
Stellwa = Stella
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