The weekends have been especially lovely lately. Memorial weekend was busy with plans and 12 people staying in our home and a night out on the town. This past weekend we had no plans and no one but our little family at the house. We took the opportunity to explore our new surrounds a bit more. To uncover the things we love and enjoy. A winery for a picnic, a small town ice cream parlor and local beer and fish and chips, a museum and sunset on the beach. The work week while very routine, has been filling with special rituals too. Eating our dinners outside on the patio, the kids riding bikes,drawing with chalk and swimming in the pool. We started to talk about a future here, planting seeds and watching roots form. While my feelings are still a bit muddled by the idea, deciding on and loving a place to call home for a long time is certainly very appealing. I am missing my house and garden in Northern California. Our fireplace and walking/riding to the park. But I am loving what we have found here so far as well and the potential that this place can hold for our family. Small happenings so far; Unearthing a Pediatrician that we adore (seriously more difficult than I thought!), being accepted into a Post Baccalaureate program nearby and Mr. has joined a baseball team. My pumpkin seeds have sprouted too so while small...there is lots to look forward to right here.
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