Second Of Style

For a brief amount of time yesterday before and for most of a play date both my children were fully clothed. There "style" recently has consisted of chonies and sunscreen, with the chonies being optional. I managed to get these photos of Stella, heading her off at the back door. I am sure you can tell from her expression she was less than pleased with her Mama as she was very eager to get outside and disrobe!
In the second photo I have to chuckle, imagining her telling me where to go and what I can do with my camera. I'm sure HAD that been the case I wouldn't have thought it so humorous. Miss Stella is really very sweet. Most days she likes to be held, "up-ie" "peeese" she says, clinging to me like a monkey her knees pulled way up and her little hands barely meeting at the back of my neck. My baby will be two in July and I want time to slow down a bit.

Linking to Small Style
On Stella:
Top- gifted by GiGi & PopBee, Macy's
Shorts-Misha Lulu
Bow- Adorn Me Girl
Shoes- Saltwater
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