April Celebrations With COOL WHIP

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Easters past and as we get deeper into the month of April the celebrations continue. Between my husbands family and my own there are six birthdays in April.  SIX! The time of year and number of reasons to celebrate screams garden party to me.  That's lemonade, potato salad, fruit and fresh summer sweets. Joaquin, being his own man at three years old would prefer to skip all the eating except for dessert. And for as picky as he is about his meals, dessert can be as simple as a scoop of COOL WHIP whipped topping with sprinkles. In fact he calls the white fluffy goodness "Happy Day" which pretty much sums it up doesn't it!? Stella on the other hand likes her dessert with a bit more detail, like toppings and such. With the two kiddos  in mind I have a go to dessert that they both  love. No surprise, it's Strawberry shortcake, or my version of it anyhow.  I do it two ways. For Easter I did the more traditional version:
  •  All Butter Pound Cake =YUM
  •  Fresh Strawberries
A slice of pound cake, a dollop of COOL WHIP and some fresh sliced strawberries on a pretty plate, VOILA! A classic and a good one at that!
For the everyday sort of week night dessert I'll change it up just a bit. I switch out the pound cake with crushed graham crackers adding them like a topping or leave it out completely using just COOL WHIP and fresh strawberries or any fruit. It all really depends on what I have on hand. That's what everyday sort of snacks are about right? Quick, easy and delicious. The kiddos are content for all of 10 minutes and so, so am I! Although it is all thunder and lightening, down pour and frigid outside today. The weather this weekend is supposed to be Southern California standard. That is 70 ish and sunny. This weekend is also birthday number two of six. I wonder what we will be having for dessert?
Here are a few pictures of lovely Miss Stella eating her "nummies" as she calls them. Notice she is just eating the COOL WHIP, a finger at a time even! Such a stinker! A happy stinker though.

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