Unearthing Our Niche

So I haven't spent much time in this blog space as of late. Life has been true; busy, unpredictable and kept me away from my laptop. My thoughts and energy are outdoors, at play with my growing kiddos and my desires and interest are in flux. My laundry area is scattered with beach sand and my favorite sandals smeared with tar on one side. I wipe tears and juice up off the floor. I give scoldings and lots and lots of hugs. I make beds and dinner and then my little girl giggle. I paint my nails and one of Joaquin and Stella's nails too.

Playing in the mud after the rain last night.
Joaquin has started T-Ball and Soccer and it is seriously amazing to see him interact with the other children and his teacher. He is talking in full sentences that make sense and he is almost completely potty trained (by some small miracle perhaps). Stella is talking too, which blows my mind. She is 20 months old and says things like "no more", "please", "dog", "juice" and so, so much more. In fact she is chatting all the time and repeats things already. Both my children understand the power of body language and facial expressions. My sweet dramatic little ones Mommy loves you so! I have realized that where my children have become more independent in most areas there messes and tantrums have grown as well. I've thought about what it would be like to return to work. Would an advanced degree excuse a five or six year absence? Would it help me return somewhere in the middle of the food chain instead of at the bottom? And then a conversation with my Mother In Law reminds me that whatever I do, I must be there first for my children. Of course this IS exactly what I want! To be there for that baseball or water polo game, dance practice or tournament, science project or math test. Why did I not realize this before? I am still a few years away from all that and hopefully by then I'll have it figured out. For now I am finding happiness in the present. And it seems as though my little family may actually make Ventura County our next permanent home. We love the beach and have unearthed a comfortable niche in the city of Ventura. We peruse neighborhoods on the weekends and I of course am already dreaming of a garden and studio of my own. (Something that has been greatly missed since the move.)
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