What A Babe

This little Miss is so much cooler than me. She put her sparkling shades on, plopped down in the sand and started tapping away at the keys. So funny and so flipping cute. I am not sure what gave her the idea cause I certainly don't use my laptop at the beach. And no matter how much I try we all arrive home with a layer of sand on everything.
And just so you know Stella did this for all of two minutes and then she started taking her clothes off and running straight into the surf. Crazy bunny that she is! I've got to be quick on my feet, always ready to drop what I am doing and rescue one of my sweet babes from... them self.
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Stella is wearing:
Sunnies, Gap. Jeans, Old Navy. Tank, Misha Lulu. Hair Clip c/o Colorland and Friends
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  1. too darn cute with those shades on!

  2. Hermosa! I love the Misha Lulu top and those shades...too cute!

  3. those sunglasses! and the lemon yellow pants! I want to join you all at the beach right now.



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