Pulling It Together

We survived without "The Daddy" for a few days and more notably, two nights. I feel surprisingly calm, optimistic and fairly rested and the little ones are their happy silly selves so I am calling it a success!Anticipating our long weekend in Northern California I have started packing my bag and the kiddos bag too. Which by the way I enjoy doing, its the unpacking that typically takes me a week! The kids bag doesn't take me very long and I have gotten a system down for packing it. Their clothes, diapers, wipes a mini first aid kit (Tylenol and Gripe Water, a thermometer and Neosporin)  their sippy cups and snacks in a spot I can reach in the car and I'm done! At first I would stress over forgetting something when packing but then I realized we can always pick pretty much anything up if it does get forgotten! Packing for myself takes a bit longer but I enjoy it as long as I am not rushed. I set everything out before stuffing it into the bag. Coordinating outfits, shoes and accessories before hand is a must. I rarely have time to do it in the morning.
 This trip I am looking forward to a lot of time with my family and Amigas, having meals together, a friends baby shower, a first birthday party (Yeah  Colten!!)and a night out with my hunk of a husband. All that in mind, plus the typical baby wrangling I do everyday, putting outfits together for the trip was pretty straight forward. Also to consider was the rainy weather they are expecting back home. Jeans are a stable in my wardrobe as are neutral colors paired with the occasion pop of color. Of course I have a comfy travel outfit, a good book and snacks for myself for the long car ride.
Happy (extended) weekend, enjoy!  I know I will be.
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  1. Packing. Gah. YOu'd think that whit all the traveling that I do, I'd be good at it by now. Nope. I always leave it till the last second, and always, ALWAYS bring about 2x more than I need. Looks like you're doing it right, though!



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