Three Days, Two Nights

Mr. is officially on a business trip until Friday and I am left to wrangle two little ones and two pugs for three days, two nights. I have a few activities up my sleeve to keep things interesting and keep my eyes off the clock. I try and avoid checking the time...Some activities I have in mind: Bubbles, painting since the weather will be nice, baking and maybe a game of soccer in the yard. I know it is not a lot but hey...there is always ice cream and cookies! By far the most difficult part of the day for me is about 5pm until bedtime. BEDTIME! So stinkin tough with two kiddos.
On the upside of things Friday afternoon we are heading north to our old stomping grounds and will spend an extended weekend there. I am really looking forward to seeing familiar faces and places and soaking in every moment!
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  1. your day sounds just like mine! I feel for you is soooo much harder when you do it by husband travels a bit too...and each time it gets harder... I hope you have a great weekend! Thinking of you!!

  2. What a great picture! The light is perfect. I think bubbles and painting sound like lots of fun!

  3. Cool shot! We are lucky that Dumb Dad doesn't travel much so when he does it's like a big old party. And we also make Mimi sleep over! Hope he made it home safely!



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