Flying Alone

My Mr. is driving us to the airport to pick up my niece. She is going to spend a week with us here in (not so) sunny Southern California. She wants to go to the beach and just check things out and we plan to deliver (so listen up rain clouds!) The kiddos are completely excited so much that they both promptly passed out after five minutes on the highway. I have a few things planned but mostly want her to experience the area, the ocean, the little surfing town we love so much and hang with her cousins. I vividly remember spending a week or so as a young girl with my Aunt in Arizona. My first flight alone, my first time knee boarding on a lake, my first Orangina! Seriously these are the things I remember! Spending a week with my Aunt, the artist. Her telling me the names of the wild flowers along the highway and taking me to the Grand Canyon. Going for walks in the woods behind her house and learning about Native American art. Now, my niece who is also an artist will be spending a week with me! I wonder where the week will take us.
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