My hands smell of rosemary and dirt. I take long deeps breathes, holding in the smell. This is how hands are supposed to smell. How mine smell when I am happy. In the garden, in the warm sun, in the dirt, flowers and herbs. The little ones are playing and I can hear them. A scream, a giggle a soft exchange of baby chatter. They are naked, in the sun and they are happy too. This time is short and yet some days seem so long. I try not to count the minutes. To be present,  like today. Today could last a long, long time and seem to have gone by too fast. Today the sun will begin to drop in the sky and we will chase it to the corner of the yard, down the street and to where the sand meets the ocean. We will soak in the warmth and laugh and snuggle and whisper in each others ears. Today I will soak in these two beautiful gifts for as long as I can because this time is short.
Today Stella is 18 months old and runs swinging one arm wildly and with a bit of a skip.
Today Joaquin is two weeks from his third birthday and can have a real man "-tude". He likes lots and lots of snacks especially sweet ones.

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  1. i love this! and i know the feeling...of dirt on your hands. the smell of the soil. the sound of the kids playing.



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