Let's Take A Shower!

This morning, by necessity, I discovered that Stella likes it in the shower. I guess I never attempted to put her in the shower with me before now because well, Joaquin H.A.T.E.D it! But Stella thoroughly enjoys playing with the shampoo bottles and telling me stories while I wash my hair. I am rather excited about this development as you can imagine. There may be a shower in my daily routine once again!
I am also thoroughly excited when Miss Monkey here keeps a hair bow and shoes on for more than twenty seconds! On the rare occasion that she does, I take as many photos as I can. Sure she is waving a spoon around but just look past that won't you?
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Stella Wore:
Dress-gifted from GiGi & Popbee
Hair Bow- Target

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  1. love the purple hues on her!
    we don't have a tub so when Lily was around 4 months old and started getting water every where in her little tub, i started showering with her. she loves showers!

  2. Love the dress, love the bow! (Purple is one of my fave colours, could you guess??!)

    My Stella also loves the shower, which is great. Japanese bathrooms are designed is such a cool way that the shower and bathtub are in the same "wet room", so I can stick my girl in the tub, and shower at the same time, then take her out to play in the shower for a few min. It's really a genius invention. And that concludes my nonsense, mostly off topic rambling on your blog.

  3. What a cutie. My girls both took a while to get used to hair bows too.

  4. you know, i never really thought about the showers with my first! joshua liked them and jess loves them, but poor jonas missed out. although he loves them now.

    and your children are so beautiful!!

  5. What a lovely girl! Jimena loves taking showers together, playing and drawing all over the tube and singing!



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