Sunday's Stroll

Fresh air and sunshine, ocean air, clam chowder now that we are all feeling better. Sunday was beautiful here and we took advantage of it!  Sometimes getting everyone up and out of the house can be a workout but I am so glad we did! Speaking of...Mr. and I are going to start exercising together (again) now that we have found a place with an awesome child play center for JQ & Stellita. Even if I spend an hour walking on the treadmill or in the sauna, it clears my head and I feel refreshed. This isn't a new years resolution per say but rather picking up pieces of our routine from prior to the move. I am not really the new years resolution type. I am constantly reviewing, reevaluating. A continual work in progress the whole year through.
This week I am planning the details of Joaquin's 3rd birthday! I am so excited see his face and celebrate with him on his happy day. We are going to ride a historical train and throw a little party. Birthdays are so important,....gotta go big!
Also this week I am working on making this house feel more like a home. It is hard going from owner to renter! Things seems so sparse and a bit sterile so to combat that I am bringing in more candles, live plants and cozy blankets and throws. Hopefully the images I have in my head translate well into real life.
Here is to a beautiful week, to inspiration and celebrations, large and small!
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  1. Happy upcoming birthday to Joaquin! I've been really sick and just started exercising again. It makes such a difference. It's good for mind, body, and soul.



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