Cindy Lou Who

Today we are off to a lunch date with Mr. I am still really loving the break in the weeks routine our lunch dates bring. The mid week Farmers Markets is where we are meeting and I am excited to get some fresh goodies for us to munch.
 This morning I sat sipping my coffee for a bit before diving into the mornings chores. I watched this sweet girl pull books from the stack, "read" a bit and then gently place the book back into the pile. So precious.  Like this little vintage dress, seriously. Reminds me of something from my own childhood closet. It fits Stella perfectly right now and hopefully for a bit longer. Her hair is finally growing in the front (NO MORE MULLET! YIPPEE) I have to improvise though, in getting her hair out of her eyes. Girlfriend rarely keeps a headband in and most clips slide right out. I have found that the itty bitty rubber bands work best but must admit the look it creates is a bit, hmm, Cindy Lou Who. What do you think?
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On Stella:
Vintage Dress-Little Reader Vintage
Shoes- Beibi
Hair Style inspired by Dr. Seus
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  1. Oh, SO cute! We're having the same hair dilemma. I just asked my husband at dinner if we were supposed to trim her bangs or grow them out. He said grow them out. I try to clip hers out of the way, but most of the time they just fall in her face. :)

  2. I think she looks beautiful and that dress it's so cute!

  3. Before i got my Stella's hair cut, I used AdornMeGirl's hair clips, and they stayed in place really well for us. But that might be a fluke thing. Anyway, I kinda dig the top pony. Pretty cute.
    As is the dress. And especially the first grabby picture. Oh boy!

  4. Love the vintage dress! I'm arriving at the same hair issue - I feel like giving her some short bangs would solve the problem but I just can't bring myself to doing it!



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