I'm sitting outside in head to toe summer attire watching my two sweet babes play, run and giggle together. Stella just finished eating a fist full of mud and Joaquin is stripping down to run through the mister I set up. Life is good. I am doing my very best to see things with fresh eyes. To appreciate the beauty and opportunity in my everyday life. I must admit that since our move I have struggled to embrace our new surroundings, all the time missing what was right in front of me. My precious, healthy, happy family. The past few weekends the four of us have set out on small adventures. A hike in Rancho Potrero where we saw rabbits, horses and birds and views of the ocean not far in the distance. A visit to The Conejo Valley Botanical Garden for another walk along a creek and this past weekend The Coronado Butterfly Preserve. Seeing the monarch's again reminded me of a road trip Mr. and I took in Mexico. We had seen the butterflies there too in the hills of Michoacan. These outings have been good for my sole. Seeing the butterflies fluttering in the filtered sunlight and clinging to the eucalyptus leaves calmed me and strangely reassured me of the wonder that still exists. In my day to day it is my in the sparkling eyes of my two sweet babes. It is in my Mr.'s smile every evening when he returns home. It is in my inspirations and dreams.
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