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Llano Seco
Every Columbus Day weekend many of the local farms and wineries participate in The Sierra Oro Farm Tour Passport Weekend. It is a wonderful opportunity for the locals to tour, taste and learn about the local farmers and farmed goods in our area. With last year being the exception Mr. and I have enjoyed this every year! This time around a group of us went and started the day at Llano Seco Ranch. One of the last Mexican Land Grants not divided up. Again that inseparable Spanish/Mexican influence! This Ranch practices much organic farming and raise organic pork. They provided and great tour in which we road on the back of a flatbed truck on bails of hay. We were educated on organic farming, different types of walnuts grown in the area, the natural landscape and its preservation on the ranch and the raising of organic pigs. Sierra Nevada Brewery is not surprisingly a large buyer of Llano Seco organic pork.

JQ at Bertagna

On the way to CSUC Farm we made a quick stop at Bertagna Son Kissed Vineyards for a bit of vino! We had been here before and always enjoy the setting. This year they had pumpkins for sale. Seriously the best looking pumpkins I have seen! Joaquin loved them and the wine was awfully good too. My favorite is the Petite Syrah!

Stella trying Lamb & my Mr.
At Chico States Agriculture Farm there was so much to see which is probably why I only got one photo there. This working farm is the classroom for animal science and agriculture students at the university. They have organic meats and an organic diary which produces milk for Organic Valley. Again Sierra Nevada Brewery Restaurant is a large purchaser of CSUC meats.

After a picnic lunch on the farm we headed out for, yup, more wine. One of my favorite local wines is from Long Creek Vineyards. A small family owned winery on a hillside they have some really great Syrah! This year they had already sold out of their "futures" which we typically purchase. Bad for us but great for Long Creek! I am so glad the vineyard is doing well. Just a few minutes away is Grey Fox Vineyards which is always lively! Live music, food and plenty of people and wine. It was getting late in the day and the kiddos had been real champs, napping in the car and enjoying all the new sites. We knew we would have to call it quits soon so we stopped at one of our favorites on the way home, Chaffin Family Orchards. I really cannot say enough about this farm. We learn so much every time we visit and the kiddos have a blast with all that there is to see. Free range, grass fed beef, free range chickens and permaculture fruits, well known in the area if ever you have the opportunity to visit please do! Chaffin being our last stop we all headed back to our house for pizza and a movie. It was a super long and fun day and I wouldn't have missed it for the world!
Stella and my Dad

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  1. I breath fresh air when I see those pictures. I should know that by now so I apologize but are you into healthy living and organic cooking? So am I!!! maybe not as much as I would want to but trying and definitely a better situation for our family.

  2. This looks like such a lovely day!

  3. What a nice place to buy some organic products, looks like Stella learn a lot and had so much fun!

  4. Beautiful post! I'm so jealous of all those winery tours ;)

  5. That is a great picture of JQ with pumpkins! What a lovely outing for you and familia!



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